A Strong Ward Representative Who Listens.

I will work hard to be a strong representative for Ward 5. I will be a voice for Newton Highlands, Waban, and Upper Falls, and place a priority on providing constituent services and helping residents navigate City Hall.


Community Building.

It is hard to bring people together in the 21st century, but a shared sense of community makes our lives better. I will continue Ward 5 Councilor John Rice’s work of promoting projects that build community across generations in Newton.


Excellent Schools.

All of Newton benefits from our first-class school system, and I believe in supporting our teachers and students with the necessary resources and facilities. We must also pursue the hard work of closing the achievement gap in our schools.


Environmental Sustainability.

The city must continue to look for ways to confront climate change and to protect our environment. We must pursue innovative programs and regulations (including through zoning reform) that will improve sustainability and livability.


Parks and Open Spaces.

Newton is the Garden City. Our parks, trails and athletic fields contribute greatly to our quality of life. We need to devote sufficient resources to maintenance and improvement of these valuable open spaces.


Vibrant Village Centers.

Our network of villages makes Newton a special place to live. I will advocate for improvements that promote vibrant and walkable village centers, and that support a diverse array of businesses.


Improved Transportation.

Each passing year seems to bring more congestion to our streets, even side streets that have been historically unaccustomed to traffic. I believe in promoting alternative modes of transportation (including making walking and biking safer) while also working to improve the experience of driving in Newton. I will lobby for improved public transit and changes that will increase ridership.


More Varied Housing Options.

Because it is such a desirable place to live, Newton is under a great deal of development pressure. It is important that we guide development that works for Newton, and that results in more varied housing options for different levels of affordability and different stages of life.


A Better Zoning Code. 

Zoning reform presents an important opportunity to provide clearer rules that will guide the city’s future. At this stage we are all still learning about the revised draft of zoning redesign that will come out this spring and how the new rules would apply to our neighborhoods. I am supportive of the zoning redesign process and hopeful that it will result in a clear framework that will preserve what works in Newton while moving us forward. Citizen input at this stage is critical – stay informed and voice your opinion.


Sound Fiscal Management.

City Councilors are stewards of taxpayers’ money. We must keep the city on sound financial footing and make the difficult decisions of how to prioritize spending.